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Third Times a Charm!

Wait, Now There are Three Awesome Museum/Exhibit Options!

Just in time for Dinovember!

Choose from The Wow of The Full Traveling Dinos Museum Experience, plus, The New Sea Monster Adventure Exhibit, and Expedition: Dino Squad The First Stand Alone, Spin-off Touring Exhibits of Traveling Dinos!

We've had several inquires about Traveling Dinos for Dinovember in the library. While the dinos pondered mischief, Tami had an awesome idea!

What if we created another touring exhibit from the museum, that was also economical like the Sea Monster Adventure?

What if we focused exclusively on 4 iconic dinosaurs, T. rex, Triceratops, The Long Neck Sauropods like Diplodocus, and the Velociraptor? What if we featured the incredible fossils, models (Yes, plastic dinos rule!), the paleo art of Phil Wilson, and fantastic dino books?

What if we offered it in the style of The Museum and The Sea Monster Adventure in three stations: 1. The Welcome, Book Talk and Fossil Touch Beginning, 2. The Guided Tour, and 3. Free Explore with the the magnifying glasses and digital microscopes. Plus, as a huge surprise, what if the kids could come face to face with a full size velociraptor skeleton?

Those "What ifs" have a way of growing their own legs! Welcome to Expedition: Dino Squad, A Special Traveling Dinos Exhibit featuring The Velociraptor Encounter! Perfect for a Dinovember Special Adventure or a Dino-anytime special outing!

You supply 6 tables, and the space, and we bring the rest.

The Exhibit is a Smaller Unit created from Traveling Dinos, it is great for a class and/or a grade level, and perfect to include when studying:

Plus, it's more economical than the full museum, with half day, full day, and evening family options.

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