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This unique event for kids, and their families is perfect for schools, libraries, Performing Arts Centers, as a Children's Museum special event, and for your own special event needs.

The Museum can be set nearly anywhere indoors and securable.

Children's Museums, Performing Arts Centers, and Libraries. This event is perfect for Bus ins, Home School Groups, Patron Families, and more!


The Full Museum visit is the most optimal for your kids to get the complete experience one class at a time for a class period. Perfect for whole grade level/s.

For really large groups multi day residences are available) The museum visits are customized to your needs.)

Traveling Dinos is self contained, you supply the space, the tables, coordinate your groups, and we do the rest! (We come in to set up the day before, and sometimes load out the day after.)



Traveling Dinos Ready to Roll

How Much Does it Cost to Bring in the Museum?

Inviting Traveling Dinos is a great opportunity for your kids to have an epic adventure within your building!

For Schools, that means no buses, liability, lunch planning, and hassles. For Performing Arts Centers, Libraries and more, it is a way to serve your community without the need for hours of travel to have this experience.

We understand that group needs vary and we work with you to create a quote that meets the needs of your students/patrons based on your group size, number of sessions and travel location. Speaking of travel, we travel anywhere in the continental US from our home base in North Carolina, and can accommodate any size group!
The Museum Fee is quite doable when you look at the cost per child.

Example 1. A group of 175 kids breaks down to approximately $14.00 per child, for a day visit in NC and surrounding states, which works out to be very economical, especially as a Field Trip event.

Example 2. Say you have a bigger group of 500 kids and you’re in the Midwest or Western US, the cost per child would still be around $14.00 per child and includes travel and accommodations.

Final prices could fluctuate if you would like to add a Family Involvement Scavenger Hunt in the evening, and/or Extra Visit Days, both of which are very reasonable add-ons to the main daylong visit. (Travel is included in the cost however, it may be more or less based on location.)

Part of the proceeds of every visit go towards maintaining and growing the collection and museum infrastructure.

(Note: When we visit with you we have: pre-visit prep, travel from NC, load in & set up, the actual visit, break down & load out, and then travel home, so it's a full work week or more devoted to your visit. That's perfectly OK, because this is what we do, and we love doing it.)  

We'll work up a proposal that’s personalized for your group to create a wonderful customized event just for you!

Want Something More Economical?
A Money Saving Idea

The New Touring Exhibit Options
We've created two traveling exhibits from the museum that fit in smaller spaces and provide more options for you and they are awesome and economical too!

Expedition: Dino Squad features the fossils, models, paleo art, and great books just like the mother museum, it focuses on four iconic dinosaurs: T. Rex, Triceratops, Long Neck Sauropods, and the Velociraptor.  

The Sea Monster Adventure
was developed and presented dozens of times over this past Summer, The Sea Monster Adventure Exhibit is a hit with kids and adults alike! The Exhibit is a smaller unit created from Traveling Dinos. It is great for a class and/or a grade level, and perfect to include when studying: An Ocean Unit, Sea Life, Prehistoric Life, Mysteries of the Ocean or because it’s just plain Cool!

Both are fantastic, economical options, with faster load in and load out times and we love presenting them!

Terrific Options:

The Full Day Visit including up to 5-6 sessions of The Museum and there is a walk through option too. (Special Evening Events also available.)

Multiple Day Visits, Weeks, and Seasons are available for you too!

Call Today 1-800-848-5634 and Tami will be delighted to help you with dates and pricing packages that work for you! 

(A Deposit may be required)

Funding The Museum
We want to make the Museum accessible to every group that would like to host it and here are the ways other groups have funded our visit:
School and Library Book Fairs
Grants & Sponsors

With it's strong book focus in schools, Title 1
Per Student Field Trip Fee
Ticketed Event for Performing Arts Centers
and sometimes a combo of the above.

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