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Mark Daniel ponders the brain of T Rex
Mark Daniel and Haddy in Haddonfield, NJ

Mark with "Haddy" commerating the discovery of the First Nearly Complete Dinosaur in Haddonfield, NJ

Mark with the first discoverd dinosaur tracks at the Beneski Museum of Natural History at Amherst College

The World's First Dinosaur Tracks in recorded history on exhibit at Amherst College, MA

Mark and The Acrocanthosaurus at The North Carolina Museum of Nature Sciences

The most complete Acrocanthosaurus discovered is on display at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC

Mark and the mosasaurus at The Academy of Nature Sciences in Philadelphia

So maybe it's not big enough to swallow a T-Rex whole as in Jurassic World, however, the Mosasaurus could gobble almost anything else.

At the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.

Mark & Tami with Lego Blue at The Natural History Museum of LA County

Tami and Mark with Blue the raptor from Jurassic World. Blue was made with just under one million legos at The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

The incredible Argentinosaurus at The Fernbank Museum in Atlanta

 The Spectacular Argentinosaurus in the rotunda of The Fernbank in Atlanta,GA (It's so large it was hard to get the whole skeleton in the photo.

Mark at La Brea Tar Pits in LA

No Dinosaurs, just an ultra cool, and active fossil dig site in the center of bustling LA!

Mark & Tami in PA with Rex

With principal Steve Haddon as T.rex at Ward L.Myers Elem.

The Traveling Dinos Logo
 Mark Daniel grew up loving dinosaurs, comic books, magic tricks, and reading! His passion for dinosaurs has never waned with a life long fascination and study. A little over 30 years ago he started not only collecting the literature but also the amazing fossils. The collection has grown, with his travels and networking, and continues to grow through today.
Mark has appeared before millions of children and at thousands of schools, libraries and festivals and on stages around the country. He and his wife Tami have also produced dozens of internationally attended educational conferences on both the east and west coasts.
A funny thing happened along the journey, his love of dinosaurs was often interlaced with many of his presentations, and some 10-12 years ago he included a small exhibit of fossils with his visits. It grew as collections tend to and became a "bit of a thing."
Now that "bit of a thing" has become it’s own "thing!"
He brings the Traveling Dino’s museum to you as a career high Masterwork, combining every unique skill set from his perspective as a journey person performer, conference/special events director, and dinosaur nerd!
With inspiration from a mom and dad who were some of the most creative people he has ever known, plus true geniuses who mentored him throughout his lifetime, along with the very creative Tami, it's a team effort for sure.

Through years of performing, Mark has studied, developed, and refined techniques for entertaining and motivating children, which have garnered praise throughout the educational community. Mark's original series of performances, Those Magical Dinosaurs! and the READasaurus Programs have been seen by over three million elementary school students during the past 20 plus years. Info at


​ Mark and Tami reside out in the countryside, an hour north of Charlotte, near Mocksville, NC.

Their identical twin sons, Robert and Stephen are Eagle Scouts, and their business Still Grimey specializes in curated vintage clothing. They live in nearby Winston-Salem, NC.


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