How Reading Teachers and Librarians

Can Best Use The Museum


Reaching kids who find reading challenging is a day to day struggle that you know of so well. Now experience the Pure Magic of mixing Kids, Dinosuars, and Books!

"Greensboro Day Students used prehistoric artifacts to practice 21st Century learning by exploring, identifying, discussing, and analyzing the museum pieces. Most of all they experienced wonder and amazement while they learned about dinosaurs!"
Laura Hines, Media Specialist, Greensboro Day School, Greensboro, NC

"Mark Daniel's enthusiasm, knowledge about dinosaurs, his love for students and learning is contagious throughout...
The museum is so awesome that the kids are Spellbound the entire time the they are walking around."
Bonnie Wisowaty, Reading Specialist, Myers Elem. Muncy, PA

Your Kids Will See Their Favorites!
New to The Museum This Year!
An Extremely Rare Tooth from the tiny carnivore Coelophysis, a stunningly preserved portion of Triceratops frill weighing in at 6 pounds!
Plus, A Gigantic Megaraptor Claw, and from the UK, an amazing bone fragment from one of the first dinosaurs ever discovered: Iquanodon!

A T Rex tooth, brain, and foot claw plus a real T Rex bone fragment!
Real teeth from Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Raptor, and Edmontosaurus, and a really big T Rex tooth replica!

A Velociraptor and Utahtaptor Claw!
Real Dinosaur Eggshell fragments from Sauropod and Oviraptor eggs, plus a Theropod egg.

A Dorsal Plate from the tail of a Stegosaurus!
Triceratops bone fragments, and a Hadrosaur tendon fragment still encased in Matrix!

A Dromaeosaur's Rib fragment (Raptor)
Cool Trace Fossils: Gastroliths: Dinosaur Stomach Stones, a Dinosaur Track and of course the ever popular and real: Dinosaur Poop (Coprolite)

Plus, museum quality dinosaur models and skulls help bring all the fossils and associations together!
Plus Music, special lighting, and set design all combine to make this a memorable learning experience and Wow, for your kids!

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