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The Museum

The Wonder of Traveling Dinos

Your Kids and Families will love this Unique  Complete Museum Experience!

Watch the videos for ideas on How
The Museum Can be Set in Your Building.
You Supply the tables, space, groups, and we do the rest!

In the Gym

The Museum in a
Performing Arts Center

Traveling Dinos in the Library

Up-close with fossils in The Traveling Dinos Musuem
Kids Up close with the Velociraptor  in The Traveling Dinos Musuem
Raves for The Traveling Dinos Musuem

"Greensboro Day Students used prehistoric artifacts to practice 21st Century learning by exploring, identifying, discussing, and analyzing the museum pieces. Most of all they experienced wonder and amazement while they learned about dinosaurs!"
Laura Hines, Media Specialist, Greensboro Day School, Greensboro, NC

"Mark Daniel's enthusiasm, knowledge about dinosaurs, his love for students and learning is contagious throughout...
The museum is so awesome that the kids are Spellbound the entire time the they are walking around."
Bonnie Wisowaty, Reading Specialist, Myers Elem. Muncy, PA

"Thank You to Mark & Tami Daniel for visiting Wooster Township Elementary School, we love dinosaurs! The students and staff loved your Pop-Up Dinosaur Museum and will be talking about this wonderful experience for years to come."

Jan Lemon, Media Specialist, Wooster Elementary, Wooster, OH

Mark and Tami Daniel with Rex in a PA Traveling Dinos Visit
A Complete Interactive,
Dinosaur Museum Visit!
The Wonder, The Science, The Books and The Pure Magic of Dinosaurs await your KIDs in this Complete Museum STREAM Experience and Fabulous In-House Field Trip and It's a Lot of Fun Too!
We'll transform your large classroom, library, stage, event room or gym into a Pop-Up Museum that will wow, enchant, and inspire your kids!

An Amazing Adventure in

Guided Stations

(The Stations are revealed in a Disneyesque/Theme park way with New Surprises around each corner.)

The Fossil Touch Experience and Digital Microscopes

First stop, your kids meet Mark and see and touch Real Triceratops bone and horn fossils, Duckbill Hadrosaur bone,  Dinosaur stomach stones, a Spinosaurus tooth, plus great book examples to reference! Plus, They'll experience the wow of seeing fossils magnified under digital microscopes.

The Museum Tour

Tami and Mark share an amazing collection of Real Dinosaur Fossils along with Museum Quality Dinosaur Replicas.


The Allosaurus Encounter

Your kids come face to face with Mighty Al, a full size Allosaurus cast replica skull, and they can put their hand in the gigantic footprint too!

Independent Explore Time

They'll explore the museum with magnifying glasses or solve fossil mysteries with the digital microscope, up close.


Meet "Junior" the full sized T. Rex Replica skeleton

15 feet long and 4 feet at the hip, Junior is a stunning prehistoric study of awesomeness. KID sized, KID  approachable, and KID awesome!

The Collection
An amazing 30 year and growing collection, your kids will love seeing a combination of Real Dinosaur Fossils along with Museum Quality Dinosaur Replicas. Mark has carefully curated a quality collection with acquisitions of high interest to your students.

Museum quality dinosaur models and skulls help bring all the fossils and associations together! Plus Music, special lighting, and set design all combine to make this a memorable learning experience and WOW, for your kids!

A Note: Often in museums you get to the see the cast replicas of the dinosuars and fossils, with the originals stored away. While still cool, nothing replaces the real thing. With Traveling Dinos you may see more real fossils than a visit to many museums combined, plus some cool casts too!
Plus there's always something new in this constantly growing collection as we curate exhibits, and strive to tell the story of these magnificent creatures. All to inspire your future, scientists, paleontologists, artists, teachers, and dreamers!
High Interest and attenion during a Traveling Dinos Visit
Support materials for Traveling Dinos Visit
Traveling Dinos in- house in West Virginia
Make Tracks to Traveling Dinos

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A Family Involvement Evening during a Traveling Dinos Visit
The Visit Choices of The Traveling Dinos Musuem
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