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The Museum in The PAC


Early morning double checks before the first group arrives.

Traveling Dinos is Right at Home
in a Performing Arts Center

(After all, Mark regards The Museum as Performance Art and as a Masterwork.)

Whether on your stage, or in a special events room,
We create an exciting full museum experience for your kids and their families.

You Supply the tables, space, groups,
and we do the rest!


"Greensboro Day Students used prehistoric artifacts to practice 21st Century learning by exploring, identifying, discussing, and analyzing the museum pieces. Most of all they experienced wonder and amazement while they learned about dinosaurs!"
Laura Hines, Media Specialist, Greensboro Day School, Greensboro, NC

"Mark Daniel's enthusiasm, knowledge about dinosaurs, his love for students and learning is contagious throughout...
The museum is so awesome that the kids are Spellbound the entire time the they are walking around."
Bonnie Wisowaty, Reading Specialist, Myers Elem.

Muncy, PA

"Thank You to Mark & Tami Daniel for visiting Wooster Township Elementary School, we love dinosaurs! The students and staff loved your Pop-Up Dinosaur Museum and will be talking about this wonderful experience for years to come."

Jan Lemon, Media Specialist, Wooster Elementary

Wooster, OH

Traveling Dinos is a Winner for your Home School Family Outreach, School and Preschool Groups, Patron Families, Children's and Family Series, and Special Events!
 TD is Something Fresh, Something different, and Something Fabulous for you and your patrons. It reaches the kid in all of us in sometimes profound ways, plus, as with the best of art, it lets the beholder decide for themselves the age old discussion of the creation/evolution of the species while celebrating these magnificent animals that once roamed every corner of the globe!
Contact Tami Today to Reserve your date to bring this fantastic In-house field trip enrichment to your kids at

For More info about the Museum click here.

The Museum in The Brock PAC. (Video shot pre-covid.)

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