What's New in The Museum


New Fossil Acquisitions, artwork, dinosaur models, set design, and technology, means there's always something New with Traveling Dinos!  

Add in the research, attention to detail, and the pure magic of the experience comes together for an awesome visit for your kids and families!


Plus, The Mike Ferrin Murals create

an exciting background for the exhibits.

The Phil Wilson Murals

One of the important missions of the museum and unique to Traveling Dinos is to highlight great books, authors, and the illustrators whose incredible talents come together to help us tell the story of these magnificent animals.


Phil Wilson is a legendary Disney Artist who has created 9 original Disney characters and illustrated nearly 100 children’s books. He also loves dinosaurs, and as a Paleo artist, he has worked with some of the world’s most most famous paleontologists- Jack Horner (who Dr. Alan Grant was based on in Jurassic Park), Dr. Bob Bakker of The Houston Museum of Natural Science, (also advisor for Jurassic Park) and Dr. Peter Dodson of The University of Pennsylvania.

Phil's licensed paintings were chosen to inspire awe and pure wonder and are reproduced for the museum as 8 feet tall, 10 feet long murals.

Imagine you’re a first or second grader taking in the sheer awesomeness of a herd of giant sauropods, and then the face to face with T rex and the troodons... It's pretty awesome!

(Part of the proceeds of our museum visits go into the acquisition of new fossil/artifacts, infrastructure, and art for the museum like this.) There are plans to add even more of his pieces in the future.



New Dinosaur Scale Models and Museum Quality Figures are throughout the museum, kid sized and kid level.


A New Direct Streaming Microscope and HD Projector helps bring some of the incredible  fossils to life for kids.


Securely and even stylishly performing their very important job are the some of the custom display stands made by Joey Hartley.


With all the new pieces, we're going to need a bigger van soon!

New for 2021-22
We've commissioned new logos for Traveling Dinos from illustrator Mike Ferrin and large dino murals of his art that add to the unique ambiance of the museum.

Correctly displaying fossils for the best study view is actually an important detail for the museum. Custom stands are built for our new fossil acquisitions for display by artist and wielder supreme Joey Hartley of Ancient Artifax.

To bring the fossils up close like never before, we've added New Technology with an HD projector, and LED direct streaming microscope .

Plus, many really cool dinosaur models and figures, and some of the most incredible real fossil finds from around the world!

The Amazing New Fossils Just Added to The Collection:
* The stunning personal discovery of a large hadrosaur skin section on a hadrosaur bone, making the piece one of the rarest in the collection.

Ankylosaurus: Just added, a very rare vertebrae and a scute (one of the famous small boney armor plates) Many kids consider this their favorite dinosaur!
(For instance, “Bumpy" is an ankylosaurus in the hit Netflix series "Camp Cretaceous.")

Lambeosaurus: a Large fragment of leg bone that really helps you understand how big some of the hadrosaurs were.

Pachycephalosaurus: A very cool bump (osteoderm) from the bald headed, very bumpy herbivore, plus a pachy tooth!

Diplodocus: An incredible neck rib/tendon
(The most famous diplodocus is "Dippy" at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh)

* CSI: A crazy cool hadrosaur rib bone fragment with the very distinctive predator tooth attack marks of Tyrannosaurus!

* Maiasaura: A tibia (lower leg) and vertebrae from the hadrosaur.
(Maiasaura egg nests were discovered by Jack Horner who the Dr. Alan Grant character is based on in Jurassic Park.)

Ichthyosaurus: a fossilized flipper and vertebrae, of the prehistoric cousin of dolphins.
(Icthyosaurus was discovered by Mary Anning's brother Joseph on the Jurassic Coast of Lyme Regis, England. Mary herself would go on to be called "the greatest fossilist the world ever knew.

Plus, the amazing existing collection of real fossils which is Traveling Dinos.
Marks' love and advocacy for great books is a an important part of the museum. We continue to add to our extensive library of all books Dinosaur, and always have a great selection with the museum for kids to peruse.

By the time we visit with you, there will probably be even more new finds in the Traveling Dinos Museum!

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Mad Science or Just Another Day in The Office?
Prep for The Newest Museum Pieces Underway

Curating, researching, displaying, and getting new, never before seen pieces ready for viewing are part of the journey on the way to the museum. Honestly, it's a lot of work, and yes, it really is fun! 

In the photo you can see very rare Hadrosaurus skin on bone, a Rib bone from a long neck sauropod, an extremely rare vertebrae from Ankylosaurus, a gigantic Mosasaur tooth, the biggest dinosaur stomach stone (gastrolith) we've ever seen, beautiful polished coprolite (dinosaur poop), a finger and toe bone from the hadrosaur Maisauria, very rare Oviraptor egg shells, and jawbone fragments from Triceratops. Plus, new scientifically detailed museum figures, another new digital microscope, and the adorable trex puppet, Rexxie. Believe it or not, there is still more to be curated.

All of these incredible pieces work together to tell the story of the magnificent beasts and the stunning history that came before us!

It's a pretty cool day in the office after all!

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