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And Then There Were Two!

"And Then There Were Two"

Now There are Two Awesome Museum/Exhibit Options!

Choose from The Wow of The Full Traveling Dinos Museum Experience

If your kids dig prehistoric reptiles, sharks, cool weird real stuff, and learning about these remarkable animals, then this exhibit is perfect for your class, grade level, or school. Mission Explore: The Sea Monster Adventure captures that awe and magic as we share the real fossils, teeth, models, books, stories, and art of these amazing creatures that lived in the mysterious aquatic world that is the Ocean!

Developed and presented dozens of times over this past Summer, The Sea Monster Adventure Exhibit is a hit with kids and adults alike!

The Exhibit is a Smaller Unit created from Traveling Dinos, it is great for a class and/or a grade level, and perfect to include when studying :

An Ocean Unit

Sea Life

Prehistoric Life

Mysteries of the Ocean

or Because it’s just plain Cool!

Plus, it's more economical than the full museum, with half day, full day, and evening family options.

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