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An Amazing New Addition to The Traveling Dinos Museum!

But first, the backstory; German paleontologist Ernst Stromer discovered

three important dinosaurs in Egypt between 1911 and 1914. Everybody today knows Spinosaurus because of him, and no less important was the discovery of Charcharodontosaurus, today called "The African T Rex." Stromer's story and the story of the fossils should be made into a movie, which includes World War II, Nazis, and an accidental bombing of the museum holding the only known fossils.

After the loss, decades would pass before paleontologists would begin to find the fossils of these dinosaurs again.

This fantastic Chacrharodontosaurus tooth find from Morocco is a wonderful new addition to Traveling Dinos.

Look closely at the left side of the tooth in the photo and you can see the famous serrated edge that the mighty theropods were known for. The tooth also has the classic Sahara Dessert patina indicative of the red Sahara sand.

It's so exciting for the tooth and the museum to be enjoyed and studied by thousands of kids for years to come! I think Ernst Stromer would heartily agree.

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