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A Velociraptor This Way Comes!

The Brand New Velociraptor Encounter Comes to Traveling Dinos

Opening in Dinovember and then available throughout the school year in a jaw-dropping first for the museum to wow and inspire your kids!

This past Spring a nearly complete velociraptor skeleton, Deinonychus, sold for 17.9 million dollars.

This past Summer velociraptor Blue and baby Beta were the dinosaur stars of Jurassic World Dominion. Blue has consisitently been the popular thread in the Jurassic park series.

One things for certain, folks love the velociraptor!

Earlier in the year I started talking with Paleo Sculptor Thomas Clinch about creating a full sized dinosaur skeleton for Traveling Dinos.

What resulted is the largest single investment ever for the museum and thankfully it was not 18 million dollars!

Thomas worked throughout the summer to create a magnificent sculpted replica, especially for Traveling Dinos Museum.

This will be our first full-sized and complete dinosaur skeleton in the museum, joining the full size allosaurus skull for jaw-dropping awe!

And staying true to our museum mission to be kid approachable, and kid sized, the velociraptor stands 4 feet tall and 6 feet long tip to tip, the size it would have been when alive.

The Velociraptor Encounter becomes the centerpiece of the Traveling Dinos collection and also an important part of Expedition: Dino Squad, and it takes it's place in the collection to be inspiring, awesome, and educational for your kids during each Traveling Dinos visit.

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