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The Wonder, The Science, The Books and The Pure Magic of Dinosaurs Come Together to Create one of The Most Unique Experiences You Can Give Your Kiddos, Families and Community

Traveling Dinos is a Complete Museum Experience in Your Building with Real Fossils, Incredible Museum Replicas,
Stunning Dino Art, and more!



Imagine… your kids enter your gym, classroom, library or theater and transport into an almost magical museum experience with visual, aural, and tactile hands on exhibits.
They Can and They Do with Traveling Dinos in your Building!

It sometimes only takes a spark of interest, or brief moment to set a child's path for life. That is certainly true for me, and maybe you too.

Introducing the concept of prehistory, and helping children understand the amazing animal family that existed long before us can inspire young authors, illustrators, teachers, paleontologists, scientists, doctors, storytellers, artisans, and even museum directors! Such is the power and magic of a museum. Plus, it's a lot of fun, for kids of all ages too!
An Amazing Adventure in Stations
The Welcome
First stop, your kids meet Mark
Daniel, a master storyteller, with great dinosaur books to share, and show and tell to help bring the dinos to life.

The Guided Museum Tour or Walk Through Tour
Tami and Mark share an amazing collection of Real Fossils, Models and Exhibits, with all your kids favorites!
The Velociraptor Experience 
Vella is Traveling Dinos first full size dinosaur. She is an expertly created replica that finds her posed in a pounce position, which places her at kid level.
The Allosaurus Encounter
Your kids come face to face with Mighty Al, a full size Allosaurus cast replica skull, and they can put their hand in a gigantic allosaurus  footprint too!

Independent Explore Time
Explore the museum and their favorites up close with magnifying glasses and solve fossil mysteries with the digital microscopes.
The Touch Zone Table
Some of the coolest fossils ever are waiting for your kids to explore, hold and study like a piece of leg bone from an Allosaurus, a chunk of skull bone from Triceratops, dinosaur coprolite (Dino Poop) and more awesome stuff!
The Paleo Art Gallery
Enjoy the incredible Paleo Art Murals of Phil Wilson, the watercolors of Stacy Lewis,  and Traveling Dinos art by Mike Ferrin!
Plus the Real Fossils, models, displays and exhibits that make Traveling Dinos an unforgettable experience for your kids!





Traveling Dinos is Perfect for:
Schools, Libraries, Children's Museums, PAC Family Series, STREAM, Science Night, Family Night, Science Festival, School Assemblies, and for Your Very Special Event!

"Mr. Daniel this was my favorite day at school ever!"

A Second Grader at the end of her
Traveling Dinos visit.
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Traveling Dinos: The Wonder, The Science, The Books, The Art,  and The Pure Magic of Dinosaurs awaits your KIDs in this Complete Museum STREAM Experience and Fabulous In-House Field Trip in your building!

We'll transform your stage, library, event room, large classroom or gym into a Pop-Up Museum that will wow, enchant and inspire your future paleontologists, scientists, artists, and writers with a full interactive museum experience!

An amazing 30 year and growing collection, your kids will love seeing up close a combination of Real Fossils along with Museum Quality Dinosaur Replicas.
Mark Daniel has carefully assembled a quality collection with acquisitions of high interest to your kids. This exhibit can easily be placed in your available space for a day, or an extended visit time.

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Traveling Dinos is available to travel nearly anywhere in the US from our home base in NC, and works well for in depth, small group, grade level visits, and family visits. Designed in stations, and much like a show with:

The Close-up Fossil Experience, Guided Tour, Independent Explore, The Allosaurus Encounter, The Baby Dino Meet and photo opportunity all make for a visit your kids will be inspired by and long remember!

It's Easy for you,  just supply the tables, space, groups, and we do the rest. The Museum is available for Full, and Multi-Day Visits, Family Night Presentations, Science Day, STREAM Events and more!


This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.


Inviting Traveling Dinos is Easy Peasy!

Tami will work with you on the best dates, and she is an expert at helping you with group scheduling. We bring everything with us, you provide the space, and the tables. (Approximately 9, with at least 4 the same size.) We'll provide you with a guide to help you prepare and also understand the experience from start to finish.

Funding Ideas other groups have used are: 

  • In House Field Trip

  • Grants

  • Sponsors

  • Book Fair


  • Title 1 (there is a strong book and reading tie- in

  • Ticket Sales

Contact Tami Today to Bring this Amazing Museum Experience to You!

800-488-5634 or 336-492-7870


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